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Volume: 1, Issue: 2, Month: June 2005

Pre-fabricated gates and arte ferro fencing products manufactured in India.





Decorative metal working

The lost art of decorative metalworking is undergoing a renaissance through numerous metal hobby craft circles. The simple hand tools used by the skilful metal art craft workers, allowed them to create some of the most beautiful ornate iron work creations, many of which have stood the test of time, and can be seen on many of the historic public buildings in the USA, United Kingdom, Canada etc.

Thousands of people walk right past these beautifully crafted iron works, and decorative metal arches found in public gardens etc, without even giving them a second glance. The astute, observant metal craft worker of today should stop, and take the time to appreciate the design skills and metal craftsmanship effort that went into the creation of these superb historic handmade ironworks from another age.

Old design bent iron work can also be used for inspiration and ideas to incorporate into many useful items that any reasonably skilled metal worker of today could reproduce, things like garden structures, outdoor garden furniture, or unique high quality custom made articles built for personal use, or perhaps to sell to customers willing to pay for custom made iron work.

Ironworkers over a century ago did not have arc welders to join their creations together, they used special metal fastener's to bind the intricate metal scrollwork together, many of which are still in good repair today, even after one hundred years, such was their skill. Metal work skills of this particular era also included the art of using chemicals to etch intricate designs onto copper and brass, and special methods of colouring, or creating patina's on brass for different effects.

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