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Volume: 1, Issue: 2, Month: June 2005

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American and Indian Blacksmiths forge new links

American and Indian Blacksmiths forge new links

by Sanjeev Rajgarhia 31,May 2005 (New Delhi)

The Mechanised Metalworkers Guild of India announced on Sunday 29,May 2005 that 2 members from the American Blacksmiths Association would be conferred honorary life membership of the Guild.

The ABA has been running a Technology and Training program in India since 2002 to preserve traditional blacksmithy techniques in cooperation with the Guild. In 2004, Wrought Iron Designer Chirajit Roy of New Delhi and Blacksmith Shabeer Hussain from Rampur were similarly felicitated by the American Association with fellowships.

In the 21st century Indian and American blacksmiths have been comparing their common techniques in such diverse fields as armory and chain mail. Automatic forging machines from India are being exported in significant numbers to the USA whilst American blacksmiths are shipping huge quantities of iron rings, chains and metal links used to manufacture expensive chain maille to dedicated craft shops in India where these are woven into finished armour.

Master Armorer Randy Davis of Saracen Iron Arms, Glenville Mo. informed Ornamental Iron News that by supplying wrought iron rings for fabrication into chain maille in India at Blacksmith Roy's workshop, his firm had registered a phenomenal 2,800% increase in sales in the past 2 years and was now well entrenched in the lucrative Middle East market due to lower prices. It was announced that a joint venture to mass produce tempered iron rings is at an advanced stage of progress.

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