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Volume: 1, Issue: 2, Month: June 2005

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Wrought Iron Machines

India Iron group offers new machines : INDIA IRON WEBSITE dated 1 June 2005

from Syndicated Wire Reports
(New Delhi)

The India Iron Group has announced the new export prices for their wrought iron machines with effect from 01,June 2005. The Group say that prices have been increased by about 12% from last year on account of the tremendous hike in iron and steel prices in India. However, prices of their popular PR-20 embossing unit have been somewhat reduced due to redesign of the machine to handle hollow tubes and pipes. The basic PR-20 is now offered for export at Euro 13,200 ex-works compared to the earlier price of Euro 14,700.

As a closeup view of the dies and toolings of the PR-20 iron embossing machine shows, the tooling technology is identical to that used by European manufacturers of similar machines as India's BISON company is an OEM supplier of CNC (computer manufactured) and hand crafted roller embossing dies to many German and Spanish machine manufacturers also. The best international tool steels are used to make these roller dies which are then tempered in computer controlled furnaces for long life.

Prices have been raised ,however, on the Group's BISON SBZ-3 stand alone iron scrolling machine. This computer controlled scroll forming machine is capable of producing upto 300 complex wrought iron scrolls per hour. Multi-segmented scrolling dies driven from a variable speed AC drive with encoder feedback and derivative spring back control results in accurate and consistent scrolls every time, as per the company sources. The SBZ-3 ornamental iron scroller and scroll bender is now priced at Euro 9,600 ex-works.

The India Iron Group also has a dedicated facility for automated ornamental iron scroll production. This unit is presently exclusively catering to the Middle East and Gulf market. With the increase in capacity by introduction of 12 new computerised machines, 2 of them with robot loaders, the Indian Iron Group is aggresively targeting the European and North America markets which are highly price sensitive.

This is a view of manual production of end forged scrolls at the works of an India Iron Group facility. The ends of rods and flat sections are roll pressed into flat decorative sections for easy insert ion and gripping in the automatic scroll bending machines. End forging improves the look of the finished scroll say company sources.

To contact the India Iron Group for more details of these machines or their manufacturing facilities, please use the CONTACT box at the top of this page. The website is INDIA IRON WEBSITE

June 02, 2005=ornamental iron gates

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