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Volume: 1, Issue: 2, Month: June 2005

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Free Wrought Iron by the Container Offer

from Industrial News Features, 10,June 2005 (New Delhi)

BISON EXPORTS of New Delhi, India has unveiled a compelling offer for International iron gate fabricators. The scheme enables small iron and steel fabricators to fill up a 20 foot container at BISON's warehouses with a mix of standard and pre-fabricated wrought iron components commonly used in the gate manufacturing process. BISON is offering to fill upto 15 tonnes of standard iron products into a standard 20 foot shipping container and will ship it FREE to ports in America, Europe, West Asia, Japan or Australia. Architects, Contractors, and Welders rely on BISON’ high quality and low prices for wrought iron, ornamental iron & stainless steel products. BISON's products including scrolls, spindles, balusters, pickets, and posts are used in railings, gates, staircases, and various other wrought iron furniture pieces. BISON's reputation for quality service, integrity and performance in the wrought iron, ornamental iron & stainless steel industry is now legendary for over 20 years and BISON are members of the INDIA IRON Group as well as the founder member of Metal Workers & Blacksmiths Guild of India. Shown here is a 20 foot shipping container

The combination of products & components is chosen after complete interaction with customers for the best-selling & most profitable product-mix. Customers are sent digital photos of random samples for EACH product being shipped & a detailed manifest in advance of the shipment & PRIOR approval for every lot put in the container is taken from the customer. Every effort is made to give the customer maximum products of his choice subject to shipping dimensions. Shown here are examples of BISON's wide range of forged iron finials and spear tops.

The Introductory pricing for this offer starts from Euro € 20,000 per container which is about USD$25,000.. Stuffed products include balusters including popular international favourites. Twisted Rods & Baskets, Standard Cast & Forged Components, Iron Forged & cast Spears, Finials, Knuckles, Rings, Balls etc. assorted leaves etc., The ever popular scrolls... a minumum of 10,000 pcs & of course the famous BISON BASKETS about 10,000 assorted pcs..Shown here are examples of BISON's ornamental iron twisted stair rods and baskets.

The BISON Wrought Iron company is well known for their range of twisted rods and baskets which are used as stair rods and balusters. There are over 200 designs in the standard range which can be delivered in large quantities within a few days. These rods are available in a variety of finishes such as primer, hot dip galvanised, painted, powder coated, epoxy, electro-plated, nickel plated, stainless steel etc. These twisted rod and basket products prove to be useful for gate and grill fabricators and general purpose blacksmiths. Beautifully engineered, these designs enhance the value of any iron man's project.

Standard Stair Rods and Ornamental Iron Balustrades are extensively used by iron fabricators. In addition these balusters prove very useful as ornamental gate and iorn fencing products, especially for picket fences. Carpet or stair rods are offered in 4 distinctive decorator finishes. Sturdy black iron bannisters are attractive and have decorating appeal. Supplied well packed and protected for easy and safe handling.

Wrought Iron Baskets are essential components in the armory of every ornamental iron gate manufacturer. These decorative upset and twisted iron twirls (also known as onions or zwirbels from the German] are metal trimmings that enhance the beauty of every gate. Available in 4, 88 and 12 strand versions, these Ornamental Iron Baskets have proven to be vey popular export products for BISON who have a high production computerised manufacturing facility for these wrought iron cage basket. BISON is proud to claim that they are the cheapest and most efficient producers of Wrought Iron Baskets in the world and have an installed capacity to manufacture 30,000 high quality baskets per day.

Wrought Iron Scrolls. These C and S shaped scroll products are used by every iron workers supplying quality gates & railings, or having automated & fitting service. Scrolled Ironwork is popular for the home & garden, beds, tables, chairs, mirrors, fire furniture, curtain poles, pond covers, pet baskets, weathervanes & lighting. Wrought Iron Scrolls Designs are classic, medieval & gothic etc.

Wrought Iron Leaf and flower Stampings: are a BISON speciality. BISON doesn't care if Ornamental Iron-workers fill the entire 20 foot long container with these premium and expensive pressed decorative components. BISON's associates at INDIA IRON are the largest manufacturer of pressed Ornamental Iron decorative products in India and have over 300 modern hot forged stamping presses banging away 24x7. With over 300 popular leaf and flower designs in ready stock of these components, BISON just wants you to take these stuffed containers off their premises.

June 10, 2005=Ornamental Iron Gates

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