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Volume: 1, Issue: 2, Month: June 2005

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India Iron Group

from Industrial News Features, 10,June 2005 (New Delhi)

India Iron Group role in Wrought Iron industry in India for ornamental gates

There are many opinions on wrought iron gates design in the villages of India. The conventional view was that iron craft is a skill to be handed down from generation to generation, a trade to be passed on from father to son. For many millenia this was how iron affairs were always handled in India. In the late 20th century, however, with the vast boom of building and construction in the metros of Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkatta, Chennai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad etc. a series of enterprises sprang up to cater to the burgeoning demand for iron gates. Automated workshops with ornamental iron machines imported from Germany were set up throughout India by the Roy family who were agents for the wrought iron systems company of Europe. Over 30 iron projects with an installed capacity to process 150 metric tons of iron and steel into finished products like ornamental iron gates, wrought balustrades, spears spikes and finials used in the gate fabrication trade were set up. The collective investments in these ironwork projects was over 10 million euros. However, many of these units soon turned sick due to the intense competition from the unorganised sector which did not suffer from the overheads of expensive imported machines and were selling solely by their lower prices. It was at this time that the Roy family took a series of important decisions to save the projects they had set up and which would profoundly affect their ornamental iron industry in India and synergise mass produced ironmongery in India. A firm was set up styled as BISON Projects & Services in 1994 to offer wrought iron design and consultancy services. This firm is today the leading iron gate designer and consultants for the iron exports industry of India. This firm also runs the wroughtironco.com channel and coordinates the Master Mechanised Blacksmiths Guild of India registered with DMOZ. SMXIRON Iron Works (a manufacturer of pressings and stampings for the automobile industry) was bought over by BISON group for captive production of forged and formed products like leaves, flowers, scrolls, iron baskets etc. The SMXIRON Works today is one of the most efficient producers. A separate division exclusively for exports styled as BISON EXPORTS was established. This was (and still is) the flagship channel organisation for the BISON group's ironmongery exports from India. BISON EXPORTS has an in-house division called the India Iron Gates department exclusively catering to custom iron gates supply within India.

Seeing the rapid escalation in exports of ornamental and decorative products from India, a new venture called "BISON Wrought Iron" was set up to provide more focussed support to overseas clients who usually require just a single iron gate for their home or farm house. In 2004 all the disparate firms were collectively brought under the umbrella organisation styled as the "India Iron Group". Although the old firms and departments may continue to maintain their separate titles, there is now much better synchronisation and coordination with the various arms. BISON EXPORTS continues to be the overseas trading arm of the India Iron Group and the other firms are exclusively manufacturing and assembly units. The specialised toolroom and precision assembly facilities of SMXIRON Works were transferred to the "BISON Wroght Iron" division which is now exclusively manufacturers of wrought iron machines and dies and toolings for ornamental iron machinery including the famous BISON PR-20 series comprising a heavy duty industrial encoder computer PLC controlled AC Iron Bar Twister which drives a series of attachments for embossing metal, roller forging, scroll forging and forming, hydraulic presses for bending rolling and tube engraving.

The export buyers support has transformed the India Iron Group into an efficient mass production unit for export of iron components and builders hardware from India. The markets presently supplied to by the group are USA, Europe like UK, Ireland, Holland, Germany, France, Spain and Italy. The Group's India iron gates are very popular in Middle East countries of Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar, Yemen, and also recently in Saudi Arabia. Domestically the group has executed several interiors and building design turnkey contract projects for hotels, farmhouses and 5 star hotels. Prestigious shops and mall contracts have been handled by the India Iron Group (formerly known as BISON group). A few depictions of the styles of works the India Iron Group is famous for are depicted below.

June 11, 2005=Ornamental Iron Gates

These are the wrought iron gates for a prestigious building contract near Dubai. This entire set of gates is supplied at US$ 965 + packing and shipping.

This is a iron boundary fencing, note the same style and design as the iron gates in the previous pictures. Boundary fencing from India Iron companies are available starting from about US$ 18 per running foot.

This is the mezzanine floor of a famous 5 star hotel in India where the balcony railings and balustrades have been entirely executed by India Iron in decorative metals like steel and brass. The decorative metal gates of this hotel are show stoppers.

Here we show a depiction from the decorative iron showroom. Note the chairs and table and other furniture which have been designed by the famous studio of India Iron Group - BISON Projects Co.

This is a standard driveway gate, many designs of which are being exported by SMXIRON division of India Iron Group. This family of decorative metal gate are being exported at about US$ 12 per square foot, plus packing and shipping.

This is a somewhat more classic ornamental gate type available from SMXIRON. This style of gates are being exported at about US$ 15 per square foot, plus packing and shipping. Complete D-I-Y kits are available for these gates, and loose components are also being suppplied by the containers and smaller lots also to gate fabricators in USA and Europe.

This is another example of driveway decorative metal gates. An automatic gate system is also available for these magnificent wrought gates which have a longer length to height (L:H) ratio

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